Charlie Steel, TALE-WEAVER EXTRAORDINAIRE, (born 1945) is a western novelist and internationally published short story writer.

Steel has worked at many assorted occupations starting at the age of ten. Some of his experiences include service in the Army, labor in the oil fields, in construction, in a foundry, and as a salvage diver.  Early in his life he was recruited by the US Government and spent seven years behind the Iron Curtain.   He became an expert on the East German 110 mile corridor between Berlin and Helmstedt, Germany, and wrote a cautionary report on traveling the route for the US Government.  His undercover assignments monitored Russian activity.

He attended eight universities: Delta College, University of Maryland, Saginaw Valley University, Northern Michigan University Marquette, University of Georgia, Fairfax University, Freie Universitate Berlin, and the University of Michigan and currently holds five degrees including a PhD.  He continues to read, research, and collect western literature

Charlie Steel is a member of DAV as well as the VFW.  For one year he served as commander of a VFW Post.  He is a member of two western associations, including Western Writers of America.

Since the discovery of Charlie Steels manuscripts in 2002 by Condor Publishing, Inc., his short stories have been published by such varied magazines as The Fence Post, The Lakeshore Guardian, Canada’s Story Teller, The Shootist, and others.

From 2005, Condor Publishing, Inc. has secured contracts with magazines for Steel’s short stories ensuring monthly publication for years to come.

For 55 years Charlie Steel was a prolific writer and his hundreds of manuscripts are still being compiled and edited.  Steel specialized in two types of writing, western literature and nostalgic pieces. Condor Publishing, Inc. owns all rights to his work.

Charlie Steel lives on an isolated ranch (at 7800 feet) at the base of Greenhorn Mountain, in Southern Colorado.